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She was born in Brazil, raised in Switzerland and Japan until the age of 8 when her family returned to Brazil. 

Passionate about drawings and visual content, she graduated in graphic design from Unesp (SĂŁo Paulo State University) at Bauru, SĂŁo Paulo. There, she worked in different kinds of projects and studios, from manufacturing sustainable products to conceiving a game design, discovering the amazing world we could build when we create and work collectively.  

In 2011, at the year of her graduation project, she moved to SĂŁo Paulo to work at Lobo/Vetor Zero, her first job in the video production field.

There, she worked with some amazingly talented people, contributing on designing for various pitches and film projects, working with different kinds of media including tv and events opening titles, commercials, branding and character design through different techniques. Her work includes making the concept of the project, planning the storytelling and doing the art direction

In the last years, she had the opportunity to have a lot of different experiences, like staying a year in Japan, working with amazing studios from Los Angeles and Brazil, and living a nomad life. 

She is currently in the city of Los Angeles, United States. 



 A few more things about her: 

She loves traveling to be in touch with different cultures and lifestyles… and try different cuisine!  
She believes that we don’t create characters, but there are a lot of characters in our world surrounding us (like spirits) just waiting to be drawn or to be perceived. She believes that the character designer’s job is to "see" the character that is already living in the story. 
She is fascinated by how kids see, feel and interpret the world. She believes that they are the most creative minds in the world with no limits, and to be creative, we must have the freedom and the explosion of their imaginations but with more consciousness and control (or not) of this process.   
She likes the sensation of organizing, but she’s not so organized as she thinks she is.
She loves the moment she discovers or sees something that always was there but never realized before.
She is a kind of person who is always drinking tea, whenever the season, usually easy to deal with, but also has her opinion and like to discuss ideas to reach better conclusions. Her sign is Pisces, but her Chinese zodiac is Dragon.
She used to say that everything is relative and nothing is permanent. If something didn’t end well, is because it isn’t over.
She cares a lot about energy flow on her relationships and believes that small actions in our daily life can change the world. Or, at least somebody’s day.